Grinding ball plant expansion and introduction of spectrometer


With the expansion of the business, in order to provide customers with better delivery time, we have expanded the forged steel ball workshop and the cast steel ball workshop.

In addition to the traditional air hammer production line in the forging workshop, we also introduced a fully automatic rolling mill production line, which mainly produces 20-40mm small forged balls, which greatly improves the productivity of forging steel balls and guarantees the delivery time.

The foundry workshop has advanced furnace equipment, molds of various specifications, oil quenching equipment, etc., to meet the needs of customers for casting balls of different sizes and different chromium contents.

At the same time, an advanced detection equipment - spectrometer was introduced. Different from the previous chemical detection method, the spectrometer detects the chemical composition of the grinding ball very quickly. We can know the composition immediately, thus ensuring the quality of the grinding ball.

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Grinding ball plant expansion and introduction of spectrometer

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