• Grinding Cylpebs For Cement Plant
  • Grinding Cylpebs For Cement Plant
  • Grinding Cylpebs For Cement Plant
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Grinding Cylpebs For Cement Plant

Brand ZW

Product origin Shandong, China

Delivery time 7 days

Supply capacity 6000 tons per month

Our factory has a strict quality control system. Each batch will be randomly checked for chemical composition, hardness, drop test, and impact to ensure that every ball received by the customer is qualified.

Grinding Cylpebs For Cement Plant

Similar to cast steel ball, chromium alloy is the main component in the casting section. According to the chromium content, the casting section can be divided into the following categories:

1. Chromium content 1% - 3%, hardness HRC ≥ 45. This standard wear-resistant steel ball is called low chromium alloy casting section, which is produced by medium frequency electric furnace smelting, metal mold or sand casting. Its performance is applicable to some metallurgical mines, slag and other industries with low grinding precision requirements and low wear consumption.

2. Chromium content 4% - 6%, hardness HRC ≥ 47. This standard is called multi-element alloy segment, which has higher strength and wear resistance than low chromium casting segment.

3. Medium chromium alloy casting section with chromium content of 7% - 10% and hardness of HRC ≥ 50 is superior to multi-element alloy casting section in properties.

4. Chromium content ≥ 10% - 14%, hardness HRC ≥ 58, high chromium alloy casting section is a kind of wear-resistant casting section with high utilization rate and good wear resistance in the cement industry, which has a wide range of applications. However, due to the high price and good performance, the market has gradually declined due to the replacement of forged products with low cost performance.

5 Chromium content exceeds 14%, hardness HRC ≥ 58. This is a special high chromium casting section, which is suitable for industries with more meticulous grinding and high consumption. Of course, its price is also quite high, and its cost performance ratio is slightly lower than that of the high chromium casting section.

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